NYCNECT was designed to transform teaching and learning in nursing and health professions education by:

  • Supporting the sharing and dissemination of expertise and resources in learner-centered instructional strategies through a multi-institution collaborative framework involving 13 CUNY schools of nursing and health professions programs
  • Preparing CUNY health professions educators, including part-time clinical adjuncts, to use culturally competent simulated learning, informatics, and telehealth in their teaching
  • Demonstrating evidence-based education using technology, including the creation of learning environments that promote active, collaborative learning and knowledge creation that incorporate 21st century literacies (information, digital, visual)


Program Learning Objectives for Trainees (View Curriculum)

  • Design learning experiences using culturally competent simulation scenarios and run effective post-simulation debriefing sessions with students
  • Analyze and improve instruction using innovative pedagogical strategies and technological tools in informatics/Health IT, telehealth, and mobile learning
  • Serve as a “Transformer” at their home institution by designing, implementing, and evaluating an instructional project to meet an institutional need or address a gap in learning, training, or service
  • Champion the effective use of educational technologies to improve learning outcomes in a course, program, or faculty development initiative