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CUNY Health Professions Education Conference & Technology Summit

Thursday, January 22, 2015
Abstracts are accepted from all nursing and health professions educators for our 5th annual CUNY Health Professions Education Conference & Technology Summit on January 22, 2015.


About the NYCNECT Program

NYCNECT is a 5-year (2010-2015) faculty-staff development program funded through HRSA’s Faculty Development: Integrated Technology into Nursing Education and Practice Initiative. Led by Project Director Dr. Donna Nickitas and a team of expert educators and nationally-renowned invited speakers, CUNY faculty and staff engage in hands-on workshops and project-based learning to develop competencies in innovative pedagogy and teaching strategies using simulation, informatics/Health IT, telehealth, and other health care and educational technologies.

NYCNECT trainees learn together over an academic year, developing expertise to serve as “Transformers” at their home institutions and to collaborate with colleagues on the use of health care and educational technologies to improve student learning outcomes in their programs. By developing a CUNY-wide consortium of faculty and education professionals, NYCNECT aims to strengthen health professions education at CUNY through the application of innovative instruction and learner-centered uses of technology.

By increasing faculty expertise in the use of simulation, informatics, and telehealth, NYCNECT helps faculty and staff develop the skills and knowledge needed to prepare CUNY students for 21st century health care practice, helping to reduce health disparities in under-served populations by preparing a highly skilled, culturally competent health care workforce.